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Test and Balance Oakland Park HVAC Inspections

Test and Balance Oakland Park

Oakland Park Test and Balance


Air quality and duct pressure testing are mandatory by the state of Florida to ensure the proper amount of outside air is flowing in your building. This HVAC test is performed with specific machines designed to read airflow and audited with the approved number on your space’s blueprint. ECHO performs Test and Balance in Oakland Park on all sorts of building genres. We service ventilation in restaurants and spas. All types of new construction must be inspected. Office buildings and condominiums door makes wind sound when closed? ECHO fixes that! All inspections are coupled with a quote either to bring your building to code or suggested measures for your situation. Open since 1969 and serving Oakland Park faithfully. Call today.


Air Test & Balance • Lab Hood Testing • Clean Room Testing • Control System Verification • Cooling Tower Performance • Duct Pressure Testing • Fumehood Testing


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