Sewer Line Inspection​

Though you don’t see it, nor does it cross your mind all that often, your sewer system serves as a crucial component of your home’s health and safety. When left untreated, sewer line issues can damage your property and pose serious health concerns to you and your loved ones. Ensure you have a safe and healthy home by scheduling a sewer line inspection.

Also referred to as a sewer scope inspection, a sewer line inspection allows a plumbing professional to detect any problems you may have with your sewer lines. With a sewer camera, you’ll be able to see any existing or potential sewer line problems before they turn into an expensive repair. A sewer line inspection is non-invasive, meaning you won’t have to worry about tearing up any flooring or yards to gain access to the sewer lines.

At Echo Air Conditioning, we proudly aim to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to plumbing methods and technology. If you experience recurring sewer line issues, our highly trained and experienced plumbers can provide you with comprehensive sewer line inspection services using cutting-edge video camera technology.

Sewer Line Inspection Services by Echo Air Conditioning

What Is a Sewer Line Inspection?

A sewer line inspection includes a specialized service that sends a camera into your sewer line to look for any clogs or causes of concern, such as root intrusion, cracks, and blockages in the system. During a sewer line inspection, a plumber or specialist will move the camera slowly through the pipes and record the journey, documenting any plumbing issues along the way.

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What Are the Benefits of a Sewer Line Inspection?

With a sewer line inspection, our plumbers can give a more precise diagnosis of the condition of your pipes without the traditional need for excavation or guesswork. Some of the benefits of scheduling a sewer line inspection in South Florida include:

How Is a Sewer Line Inspection Performed?

Our sewer video inspections utilize small waterproof HD video cameras mounted to the end of long, flexible plumbing snakes that can reach into and through your sewer pipe. Once our plumber inserts the snake into your lines, the camera will send real-time footage back to a monitor. That way, we can view the condition of your pipes and determine the location of blockages or damaged pipes.   When the plumber discovers a problem, they rely on a transmitter inside the camera to determine the exact location of the issue. This makes pinpointing problems easier and much faster than traditional methods.

What Are the Signs You Need a Sewer Line Inspection?

While you may want to ignore low water levels or slow draining sinks, hoping things will resolve on their own, that may not always happen. These issues may be signs of damage that you need to address before the problem gets out of hand. If you’re unsure whether to call your plumber for a sewer line inspection, review some of the common signs that it may be time:

If you notice any of these signs or have other plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to call Echo Air Conditioning. Our experienced team will quickly inspect and assess your sewer lines and provide innovative solutions. Once we identify the problem, we’ll work with you to fix it and ensure you have a healthy plumbing system.

Why Is a Sewer Line Inspection Important?

The time to find out if you have a faulty sewer line or any other issues is before a backup or leak occurs, not after. Consider how scheduling a sewer line inspection benefits various parties.


As a homeowner, a sewer line inspection remains the best way to learn about your sewer lines and how well they function for your home. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

A Home Inspector

Home inspectors generally report on the current home systems’ conditions including the plumbing system. While some home inspectors fail to consider the sewer lines as an extension of the plumbing system, an inexpensive sewer line inspection affords a home inspector some peace of mind or the ability to catch plumbing issues before giving a home a clean bill of health.

A Realtor

Realtors work with inspection companies to carry out home inspections before selling a property. While a pipe inspection becomes a standard part of the process, it rarely includes the sewer lines. By scheduling a sewer line inspection, realtors can help buyers make more informed decisions, better negotiate costs, and minimize the chances of clients filing complaints after the sale.

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Our high-tech plumbing video camera allows us to save time, money, and headaches in our plumbing services. You can count on us to promptly identify sewer line problems that need to be addressed with repairs, replacement, maintenance, and more without ruining your yard or tearing up your home.

If you experience plumbing problems, reach out to our licensed and insured plumbing experts for quick diagnosis and sustainable plumbing solutions.


Do you suspect a problem with your sewer line? Call Echo Air Conditioning today for a thorough sewer line inspection. Dial (954) 366-4585 to speak to our friendly team and schedule an appointment or book service online.