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You live in South Florida to enjoy the year-round warm and sunny days. But most of us prefer to keep that tropical weather outside our home. When it starts feeling balmy indoors, it's time to check out the performance of your HVAC. If your AC isn't performing like it used to, or is keeping your indoors a bit too warm, give Echo Air Conditioning a call. It might be time a new HVAC. When you’re ready to experience your summer in a whole new way, call Echo for your air conditioning installation, and we’ll exceed your expectations. You may rely on us for the following:

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If your air conditioner is on the fritz, it may be time for a replacement. On average, AC units can last 15, sometimes even 20 years! But there are many contributing factors to a healthy HVAC system. Regular maintenance, being one. Echo Air Conditioning is a top HVAC contractor in Oakland Park. With an expert crew, count on us to replace your home or office air conditioner. We only install HVAC units from reputable manufacturers with long warranties. Our service pros can install an air conditioner for your new construction project or replace malfunctioning equipment. If your current unit meets the following criteria, we recommend that you replace it:

We'll go through your options and recommend the ideal HVAC system for your needs based on your budget, floor design, and square footage.

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Professional HVAC Repair Services

Like most things in life, HVAC systems tend to break or wear out. Hear a weird noise coming from the AC? Or is your air conditioner not performing the way it should? A number of things could be wrong with your unit. Let the experts diagnose the problem.

Our trained technicians will perform a diagnostic on your system to determine the cause of the issue you’re experiencing. They will consult with you on how to best proceed with the repair – or perhaps it’s time for an A/C replacement. Whatever the issue, we will do what needs to be done to get your HVAC back up and running.

To avoid damage to your building and the hassle of a full-system failure, call us as soon as you notice a problem:

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

It's critical to plan annual HVAC tune-ups if you want your air conditioner to work consistently and efficiently. Our expert team will do the following tasks during your HVAC maintenance visit:

Echo's trained and certified technicians have the experience, product knowledge and commitment to design a system to perfectly match your expectations for efficiency, performance and budget. Through skilled and meticulous installation, our team will get the most out of your energy dollar, allowing you to maintain luxurious indoor temperatures without suffering the consequences of high utility bills. We not only take pride in completing your project quickly, neatly and perfectly, we’re available for seasonal maintenance to keep your system operating at peak capacity. Call us today at 954-366-4585 for your air conditioner replacement needs today!