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When compared to the other electric companies in Naples, FL, Echo Air Conditioning stands out. This is due to our unrivaled response times and our constant awareness of our clients’ and the community’s requirements. We are dedicated to excellence, so you know who to contact when the lights go out. When calamity strikes, you’ll have access to a professional thanks to our dependable electricians. We understand how crucial it is to protect your electrical investment, so contact us today for prompt assistance.

Please contact us if you have any electrical concerns in your house. Our team of experienced technicians can handle anything from flickering lights to malfunctioning panels. Please contact us whenever you require assistance.

Naples FL - GFCI Outlet Installs, AC Repair, Hot Water Heater Repair

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What Is a GFCI Outlet?

Because they contain additional safety measures that are often required by code to be installed in your home, GFCI receptacles are quite widespread in homes across North America. If you look closely, you’ll notice that these outlets contain a reset and test button as a fail-safe to protect your outlets from surges and you from shocks. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to do so:

SAFETY FROM ELECTRIC SHOCK: The sensors within this outlet monitor electricity flow and direct any irregular or extra current to the ground system. If you’re on the other end of the outlet, this will protect you from electrical shock.

ELECTRICAL FIRE PREVENTION: A fire could be started by loose and unprotected wiring that comes into contact with a current. This outlet is designed to prevent electrical leaks.

CODE COMPLIANCE: You won’t have to worry about your safety, and the value of your home will be preserved.

Generator Installation & Repair

In the event of a natural disaster, blackout, power outage, or emergency, a whole house generator is a terrific method to ensure your safety and security. This will keep you connected to the contemporary world and ensure that you have access to all of the gadgets and equipment you rely on every day. These technologies increase the value of your house. If you’re worried that your generator won’t last long, reconsider. If you have a fuel supply, they can run for hours without stopping.

It’s easy and quick to set up. We begin by determining the sort of generator that will best suit your requirements. The following are the elements we evaluate when making a decision:

FUEL SOURCE: Natural gas, propane, diesel, and other fuels are available. Depending on your price, availability, and preference, you may prefer one over the other.

PRICE: These systems are a long-term investment that will provide you with peace of mind. The cost might vary between $3,000 and $15,000. We have financing options available so you can get the model you want.

How to remove breakers from a panel box

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Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement

Does your home have a non-insurable electrical panel? This may present a myriad of problems when it comes time to sell your home – or even dangerous security issues. Non-insurable circuit panels, such as Federal Pacific panels, are well-known. They may work for years, but eventually they begin to fail, and their breakers may no longer trip properly, posing a fire threat. It’s possible that the circuit will be overloaded, yet the breaker will never trip. Know the signs. If you notice any of the following, your breaker panel needs to be addressed immediately:

It’s not simple to deal with a power outage! You may be tempted to handle certain repairs yourself, but the best thing you can do is call us.

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