Miramar HVAC Services​

Looking for a reliable AC contractor? Call Echo Air Conditioning for reliable HVAC system services in the South Florida Area!​

Is your air conditioner underperforming in terms of cooling? Is it possible that your heater is breaking down? In Miramar, FL, where the weather may quickly turn hot and then much hotter, you need a dependable team of HVAC experts on call to help you when difficulties emerge.


For over 30 years, Echo Air Conditioning has served residential and business owners in the South Florida area. You can count on us for results and service that will exceed your expectations, whether you require routine maintenance or a complete system replacement.


Our HVAC services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Miramar FL - Electrical Panel Upgrades, HVAC System Repair, Water Tank Repair and Install

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Professional HVAC System Installation​

Our HVAC contractors can install new construction systems as well as replacing existing ones. In either case, we’ll take the time to make sure your new HVAC system is the right match for your house or business, as well as your budget. We partner with the greatest brands in the business to create solutions that are built to last.


Are you unsure whether you require an air conditioner or a furnace replacement? With regular maintenance, most heating and cooling devices last 15 to 20 years on average. The longer you use a heater or air conditioner over its recommended lifespan, the more it suffers from wear and tear.


When you consider the expense of regularly fixing an old air conditioner, boiler, heat exchanger, or furnace, installing a new one eventually becomes more cost-effective.

Call Us for Professional Heater and AC Repairs if You Notice These Signs​

No one likes faulty or broken air conditioning or heat at any time of year, which is why we offer trustworthy heater repair and AC services in Miramar 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HVAC systems of all types, sizes, and brands are repaired by our skilled specialists. Here are a few indicators that your system needs to be repaired:

Special Financing Available

Not sure a new AC or heating system is in your budget? Explore our financing options for smaller, more convenient monthly payments!​

Is Professional HVAC Maintenance Necessary?​

Consider a heater failure on the coldest winter night or an air conditioner failure in the thick of a summer gathering. Professional maintenance will prevent costly and uncomfortable breakdowns, whether you have a ductless or central heating and air conditioning system.


Our experts can maintain your system running smoothly and address minor issues before they become serious concerns. From cleaning to detailed inspections, our maintenance services cover all elements of system upkeep.

Your Home AC Experts

Whether you need a furnace tune-up, AC repairs, or any HVAC system services in between, our team at Echo Air Conditioning can help. Contact us at 954-366-4585 today to schedule service anywhere in Miramar, FL, or the surrounding communities!​