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Echo Air Conditioning’s skilled electricians have considerable training in the field of electrical work for your home. We have a great reputation in your area since we pride ourselves on being experts who can respond to your call no matter what the scenario is. We provide quick electrical repairs so you don’t have to worry about being dangerous or uncomfortable in your own house. It’s reassuring to know you can rely on someone in Miramar, FL when you need help.


At any time, our on-time professionals are ready to be deployed to your home. We are licensed and trained, so you can rest assured that your repairs, maintenance, and installation will be done correctly.

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Electrical Panel Repairs & Replacement​

The control room for your electricity is your electrical panel! For a single point of control, all of your appliances are routed via there. This is an important line of protection against electrical problems. All of your appliances rely on it to function, so here’s when you should consider repairing or replacing it:


STRONG SMELLS: Burnt plastic or smoke can indicate that wire and insulation are overheated.


RESETTING THE BREAKER IS DIFFICULT: It’s likely that your breaker is failing if it continually tripping.


DAMAGE: If you see damaged or frayed parts or wiring, it’s a good indication that your breaker is malfunctioning.


OLD AGE: If your circuit breaker is more than ten years old or you’re still using a fuse box, it’s time to upgrade. Anything more than ten years will be troublesome.

When to Schedule Generator Repair​

You might wish you had an emergency generator if your lights went out and you couldn’t get to your appliances. But what if you do that and your lights still turn off? This could indicate that your generator needs to be repaired. You may overlook the necessity for generator repair since you don’t utilize it on a regular basis. Here are some indicators that it’s time to call us:


ALERTS: Modern generators include self-testing capabilities that will send you an alarm if there is a problem with your system. We can assist you if you’ve received one.


WEAR AND TEAR: Schedule an examination immediately if you discover noticeable damage to your generator, wiring, or components.


LEAKAGE: If your system is leaking gasoline, coolant, or water, it is likely to perform poorly.


WON’T START UP: If your system takes a long time to start up, it’s possible that your battery is exhausted or broken.

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When calamity hits, it’s natural to feel helpless. Don’t! You have a dependable electrician who can help you quickly get your home back up and running. We understand that electrical problems can be frightening, and that being left in the dark can be stressful; nevertheless, our specialists are here to put your mind at ease. We provide quick repairs so that you can get back to sleeping well. Working with us has a number of advantages:

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