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When your electrical system is properly installed, you won’t have to worry about electrical fires or expensive repairs. If you did not hire a professional for service or if you are experiencing troubles that require a professional touch, you should contact Echo Air Conditioning right away. Electrical wiring is a difficult task. Allow us to handle the work so you don’t have to.


Our Marco Island, FL electricians can bring your electrical system up to code and make it work the way it should.

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Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Repair​

It’s easy to forget about your outlets until you get a rude awakening. Electrical outlets, which power your home’s equipment, should not be overlooked. Bad outlets can cause fires and damage to your valuable electronics. Here’s when to repair:
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Breaker Panel Upgrades​

Your utility company’s electricity enters your home through a meter box on the outside and is then transferred to a breaker box inside. You might want to consider an electrical panel update if you live in an older home or if you have a lot of electronics and other such gadgets. Overloaded circuits can cause old electrical panels to fail. The following are indicators that you may require a panel upgrade:

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If you have an electrical emergency, you probably want to deal with it straight quickly. Some of your home’s major appliances, such as your air conditioner and refrigerator, may be electric, preventing you from using them. This is something we can help with. Our skilled professionals are eager to visit your residence! We make every experience stress-free by providing:
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