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What Does an HVAC Compressor Do?

What Does an HVAC Compressor Do?

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)systems are generally mechanical systems primarily designed to control indoor conditions. With an HVAC system, you can distribute air inside a room, control the humidity level in an environment, and establish a room’s temperature with the touch of a button. A sound HVAC system is designed using heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. It has a significant role in ensuring indoor comfort and thermal control. We will determine what an HVAC or air conditioner compressor does in this post.

The vast air conditioning boxes seen outside office buildings and apartment blocks are examples of HVAC systems. They are primarily deployed in skyscrapers, large interior environments, apartment blocks, large industrial buildings, and healthcare facilities.

HVAC systems have gained even more significant attention due to the current global health crisis. In this case, a good HVAC system is thought to have the ability to clean indoor air, reducing the air’s viral load, consequently reducing the risk of transmitting infection. However, the system can not perform these extraordinary chores without the existence of compressor technology.

What is an HVAC compressor?

What does an air conditioner compressor do?

An air conditioner compressor is the most integral part of an HVAC system. It’s designed to work in tandem with the evaporator and the condenser. A combination of the three components results in the circulation of a refrigerant that absorbs high heat from the room and, importantly, releases it to the outside, thus creating a cool and comfortable environment.

What does an HVAC compressor do?

The compressor and the condenser of a heat pump or a split central air conditioner are usually located outside. While the refrigerant is circulating through the HVAC system, it’s converted to a gaseous state and back to liquid. This leads to the releasing and gathering of heat from the surrounding area. The cool refrigerant in gaseous form enters the air conditioner compressor under low pressure. It’s then squeezed by a motor, creating a high-pressure and high-temperature gas.

The temperature can be raised to 150-degree F, higher than the air outside. The hot air is then pushed to the condenser, where cooling is done. Cool air is blown over coils that contain the refrigerant. The heat is transferred outside while the refrigerant liquefies. Finally, the liquid is channeled to the evaporator, which absorbs heat from the surroundings creating a cool and comfortable environment. The absorbed heat is then sent to the compressor, and the process repeats.

The air conditioner compressor is used to do three main things: absorbing heat, converting to liquid, and transferring heating to the condenser.

Types of compressors used in the installation of an HVAC system

HVAC compressors in the market today come in different kinds, performing the same job but differently. The other compressors have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the various compressors available in the AC unit of an HVAC system.

Types of compressors.

Centrifugal air conditioning compressor

This is a type of HVAC compressor that utilizes centrifugal force when pulling in the refrigerator gas. The compressor then rapidly spins the gas using an impeller. The impeller is also used in the compression of the same gas. This type of compressor is used primarily in extra-large HVAC systems.

Reciprocating air conditioner compressor

This is the most common HVAC compressor found in the AC units. This type of compressor uses the piston in compressing air. This happens through up and down movements inside a cylinder. While the piston is moving down, it creates a vacuum that sucks the refrigerant. When the piston starts moving up, it compresses the air pushing it to the condenser. The reciprocating air conditioner compressor is one of the most efficient choices and is used by many. With this choice, you can have up to eight cylinders in the same compressor.

Rotary air conditioning compressor

The Rotary air conditioning compressor is another common option found in several air conditioning units. It’s a small in size type of compressor and quiet as well. For that reason, this compressor is the best option in areas where noise is a concern. The compressor comes with a shaft that has many blades attached to it. The shaft rotates in a cylinder. As it rotates, it helps in compressing and pushing the refrigerant simultaneously.

Screw air conditioner compressor:

This is the most efficient and reliable type of HVAC compressor. The compressor is mainly used in large building blocks where huge air amounts require continuous cooling. The compressor features two disparate helical rotors which move air from one pint to the other. While the refrigerant is moving via the compressor, space reduces, resulting in compression.

Scroll air conditioner compressor:

This is the newest type of HVAC compressor in the market today. The compressor comes with fixed coils, also known as scrolls. The scroll is usually found in the unit center. The featured coils rotate around each other, and the result is pushing the refrigerant to the center where it’s compressed. Scroll compressors are presently the most popular choice when it comes to HVAC compressors. They do not come with several moving parts, making it the most reliable compressor type.

Knowing whether the type of compressor you are going for has a screw, scroll, rotary, or reciprocating compressor is as essential as anything else. This knowledge will help you determine whether to sacrifice silence for an efficient and reliable compressor or vice versa. Suppose you are considering this technology for your unit. In that case, modern AC compressors will give you value for your money since they use less energy and offer maximum productivity.

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