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Who invented the air conditioner?

Who Invented the Air Conditioner?

Most Americans take air conditioning for granted, but it is actually a relatively recent invention. In fact, the first modern air conditioner wasn’t invented until the 1900s. It was first used for industrial applications but quickly became popular in homes and cars. There have been many important advances in air conditioning technology since its invention. Air conditioning technology is still developing rapidly today. Read on to learn more about the development of modern air conditioning.

What is Air Conditioning?

Who invented the air conditioner?

To put it simply, air conditioning refers to controlling the air temperature and humidity in a space. Air conditioning is common in homes, offices, and industrial buildings throughout America. Air conditioning is usually provided for comfort, but it can also be used to cool computer servers and other objects that become hot with heavy usage.

Why is Air Conditioning Important?

Air conditioning is important for several reasons. It can greatly improve the comfort of people living in hot environments like South Florida. In fact, many hot places in the United States would be virtually uninhabitable without air conditioning. As previously mentioned, air conditioning can also be used to keep heat-producing devices from getting too hot. Air conditioning is also important for storing certain objects that are sensitive to temperature, like old paintings.

Willis Carrier: The Father of Modern Air Conditioning

Willis Carrier invented the modern electrical air conditioner in 1902. He was working for a company called the Buffalo Forge Company when he invented the air conditioner for industrial use by a printing company. At the time, heating objects with steam was common. Carrier basically reversed the process and applied the same principle to cooling air. Although Carrier’s invention was initially intended to make printing more efficient, it quickly became obvious that it could keep people more comfortable.

Increasing the Productivity of Workers

Air conditioning was first used for people in offices. It was found that people were more productive when they were working in a comfortable environment. Air conditioning was used in an increasing number of offices in the early 1900s as more companies learned about these benefits. Around this time, Willis Carrier left the Buffalo Forge Company. He started his own company, the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. Stuart Cramer came up with the term “air conditioning” in 1906, and Carrier used this term in the name of his company. Soon, air conditioning began to make its way from the workplace into the homes of wealthy Americans.

The Beginning of Central Air Conditioning in American Homes

A wealthy man from Minneapolis names Charles Gates built the first home with air conditioning in 1914. Another wealthy man named David St. Pierre DuBose had a home built around this time with central air conditioning. Air conditioning began to become common in the homes of rich people. By the 1960s, central air conditioning started to become widespread in everyday Americans’ houses and in most office buildings, especially those in hot climates.

The Rise of Portable Air Conditioners

The rise of portable ACs

The first portable in-window air conditioner was invented in 1945 by a Massachusetts man named Robert Sherman. It could cool, heat, and control the humidity of the air. At first, portable air conditioning units were expensive. Eventually, they became more affordable. This lead to more people moving to hot areas like Florida and Arizona.

Modern Advances in Air Conditioning

These days, air conditioning can be found in over 100 million homes in America. Roughly 90% of households in the country have some sort of air conditioning. These days, the chemicals used by air conditioners (called “refrigerants”) are much more effective than they were in the past. It is also important to note that the refrigerants used these days are also much better for the environment than those used in the past. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now encouraging the production and use of new, green types of refrigerants. These refrigerants are used for air conditioning in homes and businesses across the country. They are also used in most cars.

In addition to using greener refrigerants, modern air conditioners also use less energy. This reduces power bills significantly, as air conditioning uses a lot of electricity. Also, producing electricity creates pollution, so air conditioners that use less electricity are good for the environment.

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